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Iran plans to turn into exporter of space-related services: Min.

Iran plans to turn into exporter of space-related services: Min.

The minister made the remarks on the National Space Technology Day in the capital Tehran on Tuesday, noting that the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology plans to become an exporter of space technology services within the next year or by the end of the Raisi administration.

He went on to say that there is not any other country in the region, that has independently achieved the full cycle of the space technology industry.

The 13th administration in Tehran sees the space industry as a strategic industry, which provides the nation with great opportunity and authority at the international level, the minister noted, adding that the space industry is not only an economic-based industry but can also enhance authority because its technologies include high-tech standards.

Iran has succeeded in standing among the top 10 countries around the globe possessing a space technology industry, which is a very hard and sophisticated job, he said, noting that the progress has been preplanned for the last decade and that the incumbent administration pays special heed to the industry and tries to remove all obstacles in this respect.

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