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Iran denies enriching uranium above 60%

Iran denies enriching uranium above 60%

Kamalvandi told IRNA in an exclusive interview on Sunday night that the member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are tasked with observing its professional status, and that they should not allow some members to misuse the international organization for their political purposes.

Making these remarks in reaction to the recent stories published by Bloomberg, he noted that the report is a sort of demonization and distortion of facts because the existence of a particle or particles of uranium with a purity of more than 60 percent in the enrichment process does not mean that there is enrichment higher than 60 percent.

Unfortunately, the IAEA has turned into a tool of pressure in the hands of certain elements, he said, adding that such performance will negatively affect the prestige and credibility of the important international organization.

The spokesman went on to say that the Zionist regime and the arrogant states attempt to make the utmost misuse of the prevailing condition of the IAEA.

The member states of the UN nuclear watchdog are tasked to take care of the professional status of the organization and should not allow the international entity to be misused for political purposes, he urged.

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