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Hypersonic cruise missiles to be developed

Hypersonic cruise missiles to be developed

Major General Salami made remarks at the closing ceremony of the National Jihadists Festival held in the former US embassy - known as the Den of Espionage – in Tehran.

Referring to developing hypersonic cruise missiles in the country, General Salami said that cruise missiles are like fixed-wing birds and do not have a high speed because they move close to the ground, while they can be developed in the form of hypersonic cruise missiles.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that today, the Islamic Republic of Iran can track satellites through radars on the ground.

Referring to the repetitive failures of the US against the Iranian nation, he noted that because they have been defeated on the battlefield, now they have used all their strategic reserves against Iranians.

He said the enemy spends about $7,000 billion against Iran, describing the disintegration of the enemy's accumulated energy as another achievement of the Islamic Revolution.

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