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Major Gen Baqeri: Iran, Iraq faced with shared threats

Major Gen Baqeri: Iran, Iraq faced with shared threats

Major General Mohammad Baqeri in his Sunday evening meeting with Iraqi defense minister reiterated, "Iran and Iraq have lots of shared cultures, religions, schools of thought, and histories, such as cooperation in managing the Arbaeen annual rally for Imam Hossein (AS), but we also have shared activities in the campaign against Takfiri terrorism, in which Martyr Soelimani and other martyrs in defense of holy shrines dedicated themselves."

He added that the big world powers had intended to capture the regional countries by creating the ISIS, but cooperation between Iran and Iraq and the altruist contributions of both nations' combatants foiled their plot.

Major General Baqeri said that Iran had dedicated many martyrs to ensure Iraq's security and martyrs Soleimani and Al Muhandis became the symbol of the two nations' unity and brotherhood.

He said that after the establishment of Prime Minister Al Sudani's government the two nations' relations expanded, but Iran-Iraq military cooperation need to be boosted seriously, hoping that the Iraqi defense minister's visit of Iran will mark a turning point in two armies' cooperation.

"I also propose that an Iraqi delegation will visit Iran and survey Iran's shared border with Iraqi Kurdistan, including the high expenses spent to fortify the border strongholds, which can be an appropriate experience for the Iraqi border guards," added the brigadier general.

Iraq's Defense Minister Brigadier General Sabet Muhammad Saeed Reza, too, said in the meeting, "Iran and Iraq have lots of commonalties, and Al Sudani government has left behind many hardships, and of course is still faced with certain challenges, because there are people who do not wish him to achieve his objectives."

"His government has no way, but to progress successfully in order to serve the nation, and therefore, he needs the assistance of friendly countries, including Iran. Also, in the Defense Ministry we will pave the path of cooperation and we will also use Iran's experiences," he ensured the Iran top military commander.

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