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Saudi technical delegation in Mashhad to open consulate

Saudi technical delegation in Mashhad to open consulate

The Saudi delegation visited its diplomatic places and embassy in Tehran in the past few days and traveled to Mashhad on Friday (April 14).

Nasser bin Awad Al-Ghannoum, the head of the Saudi delegation, appreciated the officials of the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, for their warm welcome.

The Saudi official expressed hope that the revival of ties between Riyadh and Tehran would lead to further cooperation among regional countries and bring about prosperity to the region.

In the past few days, Iran and Saudi Arabia exchanged delegations to review the process of reopening their diplomatic missions.

On March 10, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia issued a joint statement in Beijing announcing that Tehran and Riyadh would resume their diplomatic relations after seven years of tension.   

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