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Iran's dazzling power in region outcome of IRGC devotion

Iran's dazzling power in region outcome of IRGC devotion

Tehran, April 21, IRNA -- General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said in a statement on Monday that today's dazzling power of Iran and the Islamic Revolution in the region is owing to devotion of the armed forces, especially the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps.

The statement issued on the occasion of founding anniversary of the IRGC, April 21, highlighted vital role and great mission of the revolutionary institute in stabilizing, maintaining and developing Islamic Revolution.

IRGC's progressive and faithful epics during its lifespan of 41 years have guaranteed the preservation, continuation and conveyance of the message and thought of Great Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Islamic Revolution to all parts of the world as well as defeat of arrogant powers' plots against Iran in various fields, it said.

The statement praised the IRGC for devising intelligent strategies and initiatives in military, defense, cultural and social fields from the first beginning days up to eight year Sacred Defense and after that its effective presence in the field of construction and aiding Islamic resistance movement across the world and thwarting the traitor terrorist acts have mainly contributed to the Iranian nation leave behind the difficult periods.

Referring to the main strategy of solidarity among armed forces and coordination, interaction and synergy especially between the Army and IRGC, the statement said that they constitute a front-line of defense power, progress and deterrence.

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