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The Greatest Plant Farm & Nursery in the Country in the Long Term

The Greatest Plant Farm & Nursery in the Country in the Long Term

اختصاصی سپهرغرب؛ A faculty member of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Razi University of Kermanshah announced: Kermanshah is in possession of the greatest plant farm and nursery in the country.

It belongs to the knowledge-based company of the agriculture and natural resources college of Razi university. In the long run, it is to extend to 50 hectares. The plant nursery

has been operating since the late 1977. Initially, it covered two hectares of land; later on, it was developed to accommodate a four- hectare area. The nursery has produced various kinds of  fruitfully and fruitlessly modified seed, seedling and sapling of the moderate and semi-tropical weather with the high resistance to the pests and diseases under the auspices of the university experts and professors and  the direct supervision of the Seed and Seedling Registeration and Certification Office and the Research Institute.

Based on the decisions taken, the authorities agreed upon the development of the nursery into 50 hectares of land in the long run, which is to function as the greatest enterprise in the country.

The transplanted seedlings and saplings produced in the center reach up to 108000 species including cherries, sour cherries, apricots, peaches, walnuts and various seedlings. The total number of cuttings equates to 28000 which include damascena, rose, grape seedling, pomegranate, elm, almond, sycamore and spruce.

They are all fast-growing seedlings and saplings. Kermanshah plant and farm nursery is well-primed  to supply the country with potted pistachios and other high-quality seedlings.

The cultivation of camelina plant  together with biofuels without the need for fertilizers and pestiicides and the production stevia plant as the natural sweetener have been among the other activities of the agriculture and natural resources campus of Razi university.

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