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Exports of Goods via Mehran Border to Iraqi Territory

Exports of Goods via Mehran Border to Iraqi Territory

                                   The director general of customs office in Ilam Province announced: The export of goods is proceeding without any problems at Shahid Suleimani Trade Terminal located at Mehran border. Goods exportation continues as it is expected. Due to some unrest and violence in Kut al-Imara in recent months, the lraqi demonstrators had blocked the commuting commercial road to Mehran Border in Iran. The route closure created some disruptions to the commercial trucks and pilgrims commuting between lran and lraq. However, there has been no slowdown in the trading process. Currently, the commercial trucks are busy to operate loading and unloading goods at both ends of the terminal with no special problems. In fact, the trucks on the lranian side are loading goods upto the border in Mehran so as to deliver them to their lraqi counterparts. They also load some items from the terminal into the inland in lran. This process is running the same as in the past. Of course, there was a day of interruption in the process of exchanging goods via Mehran Terminal. Now, every thing is normal.                                 The director general emphasized: The trading volume of goods exchange is favorable at Mehran Border ; therefore, businessmen and merchants of both countries face no specific problems with their trading of goods via Mehran Border in llam Province.

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