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Kurdistan Province Ranks First in Producing Strawberry in Iran

Kurdistan Province Ranks First in Producing Strawberry in Iran

اختصاصی سپهرغرب

Mr. Ahmadi, the acting deputy of improving plant production in Agriculture-Jihad Organization of Kurdistan Province said: Kurdistan Province has taken the first place of producing strawberries in the country because it produces more than 50000 tons of the fruit every year.

In fact, 80% of the strawberries are produced in Kurdistan Province that is why strawberry reminds everybody of Kurdistan. It is predicted that 50000 tons of strawberry will be harvested from 3400 hectares of land in Kurdistan Province this year.

The bulk of the crop comes from the capital of the province, Sanandaj where 63% of the land has been dedicated to the strawberry cultivation and it is hoped it will make 55% of the total production in the province.

The counties of Kamyaran, Marivan and Sarvabad take the next places of the production ranking successively. At the moment, 13000 agricultural households with 17000 beneficiaries are busy to produce the strawberry, the red gold, in the fields.

They become self-employed and create the occasion for the employment of other fellow-province inhabitants.

The strawberry harvesting normally takes about 45 days beginning from the late of May and ending in the last days of June. It is worth citing that Kurdistan strawberry is one of horticultural products which lack any kind of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, yet it tastes delicious.

The strawberry cultivation in Kurdistan has a history of more than 150 years because the climate and weather conditions, appropriate rate of annual .precipitation

and hardworking farmers and fruit growers are all responsible for the province becoming the center of strawberry production in the country.

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